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New for 2020
Call it Snow Cream, Snow Ice
or Snow Shaved Ice

Shaved Snow or Shaved Ice it all refers to the most awesome frozen treat that has a smooth, velvety texture and is often topped with fresh fruits. Shaved Snow is similar to Taiwanese Shaved Ice and many countries around the globe have similar “snow ice” frozen desserts with the major difference between them being the choice of toppings added to the ice.

Shaved Snow Snow Flakes Machine

Shaved Snow Ice Equipment

Top Selling Equipment for Instant Shaved Ice.

Easy To Operated and Clean.  Compact and Hygienic

High Profit and Return on Investment

Snow Cream Snow Ice Machine

Introducing Instant Flow To Snow

Making Snow Flakes Out of Any Liquid Instantly.  Create your own delicious recipes by using any ice cream mix, frozen yogurt mix, custard mix, gelato mix, sorbet mix, milk, juice, cocktails, wine and much more.  

Make amazing snow cream instantly in many styles like snow cream, dry snow, noodle style, ribbon style, and much more

Free Shipping in the USA and Canada

Shaved Ice Flavors

Shaved Snow Ice Flavors

Over 200 Shaved Snow Ice Flavors and Counting!


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